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MaxMunus's Microsoft Azure Framework Solutions Training is created to assist you pass the 70-533-Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions and 70-535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification Tests. This Microsoft Azure training will certainly make you a professional in Azure AD, Azure PowerShell, Azure Storage Space, Azure Application Solution, Azure Site Recovery, Azure SQL Data Source, Azure Cloud Solution, Azure Automation, Azure resource Manage and Azure Virtual network making use of the real world situation studies.Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Azure

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Goal - Offer an introduction Microsoft Azure Website, Services and also System. Goals - Upon completing this component, you must be able to: Account creation and also subscribing for Microsoft Azure Introduction of Management website. Describe the usual Azure solutions. Adapt the Monitoring Portals to take care of the service instances. Practicals to be covered: Make use of the Azure websites, Creating Azure Registration, Usage Azure Resource Supervisor includes through the Azure portal.
Component 2: Building Application Infrastructure making use of Online Machines
Objective - Show Virtual Equipments solution in Azure and Release of work to a Virtual Equipment. Manage Virtual Hard disks and also Online maker endpoints, Desire State Arrangement (DSC).
Goals - At the end of this module, you need to have the ability to: Interpret the Digital Devices service in Azure. Release a Linux or Microsoft workload to a virtual maker. Import online hard disks to Azure. Display online machine endpoints. IIS web server setup in Windows VM. Application releases in IIS web server. Desire State Arrangement. Practicals to be covered: Online Machine development and attach utilizing RDP/SSH, Picking maker size and also prices, configuring IIS and also application implementation, Desire State Arrangement.
Module 3: Applying Internet Applications on Virtual Machine and also App Providers, Radis Cache, Diagnostics as well as Monitoring, Web Traffic Manager, Personalized Domain. Objective - Provisioning, implementation and tracking of Web Application instance and also publish ASP.NET internet application to Web Applications, Radis Cache application, and IIS Web Server in VM, Diagnostics and Tracking, Traffic Supervisor and personalized domain Arrangement.

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Objectives - At the end of this component, you ought to have the ability to: Provisioning of App Providers. Taste/ ASP.NET MVC application. Implement Radis Cache. Release a sample ASP.NET internet application to App Solutions. Publish an example ASP.NET web application to IIS Web server in VM Monitor as well as manage an Internet App circumstances using Administration portal. Setup of Traffic Supervisor to applications. Custom domain name configuration. Practicals to be covered: Application solution provisioning, Tracking, Diagnostics and also Alert, App Understanding setup, Website traffic Manager Arrangement.
Component 4: Execute and also Take Care Of Azure Networking- Goal - Understand just how online networking leverages the connection which binds with each other Online Devices, Web Applications, and Storage space to enable you to release a solution onto the Web. To make as well as apply a Multi-site or Hybrid Network, Website to Site VPN Connection, Indicate Site Link.
Objectives - Upon finishing this module, you will have the ability to: Plan and also implement Online Networks in Azure. Configure Azure Load-balancer. Execute Application Portal. Modify network setup. Design as well as Apply a Multi-site or Hybrid Network. Subjects: Overview of Azure Networking- Implement Virtual Networks. Load-Balancer. Application Entrance. Change Network configurations. Multi-site or Crossbreed Network. Site to Site VPN. Indicate Site VPN. Practicals to be covered: Release a VM on a Virtual Network, Configure Virtual Networks, Modify Network Arrangement, design as well as Apply a Multi-site or Hybrid Network, Indicate Website VPN setup. Component 5: Monitor as well as Manage Azure VMs, Azure calamity recovery- Objective - To recognize how to keep an eye on and handle digital Machines, setting up diagnostics, Range Up/Down, alert and also Recovery of Online Equipment in case of failure.
Goals - Upon finishing this module, you will have the ability to: Implement diagnostics setup, Scaling and also Alert of Virtual Machine in Azure, configure Azure website recovery to recuperate the Virtual Maker in case of any failure.

  • Trainer will offer the Environment/Server Accessibility to the students as well as we make certain practical real-time experience as well as training by supplying all the energies needed for the thorough understanding of the program.
  • Intellipaat is supplying the Azure management certification training that is in line with removing the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 accreditation test.
  • This certification is very well recognized in Intellipaat-affiliated organizations, including over 80 leading MNCs from all over the world and some of the Ton of money 500companies.
  • The diversity of material distribution & repeating of significant factors by the SMEs helps to make the knowing process efficient and unforgettable.

Subjects: Introduction of Virtual Machine diagnostics. Diagnostics and also Alert. Scale Up as well as Scale Down setup. Introduction of Back-up and also Website Recovery setup. Recover the supported VM. Practicals to be covered: Set up Virtual Machine diagnostics, alert, Configure Scale up as well as Scale down, setup Back-up and Site recuperation as well as recover the supported VM.
Component 6: Preparation, Implementing and also Arrangement of Azure Storage Space and also CDN
Goal - Choose appropriate Microsoft Azure Storage to deal with company demands. Exactly how to carry out Azure Storage space Blobs, Line Up, Tables and also Azure Data. Boost Web-Application efficiency by Applying Azure Web Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Discover exactly how to configure accessibility to storage space utilizing Shared Gain access to Trademark.

Purposes - At the end of this component, you will certainly be able to: Select suitable Microsoft Azure Storage to deal with service requirements, Implement here Azure Storage Blobs, Line, Tables as well as Azure Info, Implement Azure Material Shipment Network (CDN), Handle Storage gain access to using Shared access Trademarks as well as Plans, Configure Diagnostics as well as Monitoring

Topics: Azure Storage Solutions Execution of Azure Blobs, Line Up, Table as well as Azure Info. Picking in between Cold and hot ball. Azure Web Content Distribution Network (CDN). Accessibility Control for Azure Storage utilizing SAS. Diagnostics and Monitoring. Practicals Covered: Apply Azure Ball, Tables Storage, Making Use Of Azure Documents storage space, configure a Material Distribution Network, Manage Storage space Accessibility utilizing SAS secret, Configuring Diagnostics and Surveillance.
Component 7: Applying Azure SQL Data Source as well as Data Source Backup-Recovery Solutions.
Goal - Plan and implement Azure SQL Data source, and also recognize relational data source services in Microsoft Azure. Arrangement, configure, and manage the Azure SQL Database data-management solution. Additionally set up safety for Azure SQL Database as well as monitor Azure SQL Database, Manage information recuperation and also accessibility for Azure SQL Database. And implement Azure Storage Recuperation solutions.
Goals - At the end of this module, you will be able to: Recognize relational data source solutions in Microsoft Azure, Arrangement, configure, as well as manage Azure SQL Database, configure protection and firewall software for Azure SQL Database, manage information recovery and also schedule for Azure SQL Data source, style a Scaling strategy, Implement Storage Recuperation solutions.
Practicals Covered: Producing, securing, and checking an Azure SQL Data source, Firewall software setup, Perform BCDR on Azure SQL Database, Implement Storage Recuperation Solutions, carry out backup and recover.
Component 8: Designing and Release of Azure sources utilizing ARM design templates and PowerShell
Objective - To discover exactly how to write ARM layouts. And also discover how to release ARM sources with ARM templates using PowerShell and also Azure Website, Visual Studio, Nested ARM templates, just how to arrangement Azure resources making use of PowerShell.
Purposes - At the end of this module, you will have the ability to: Develop ARM themes and Nested layouts to deploy ARM Resource Carrier sources, Deploy design templates with PowerShell and Azure Site as well as Visual Studio.
Module 9: Carry out Azure automation utilizing PowerShell and Runbook, OMS
Objective - Microsoft Workflow Management Collection (OMS) options planning and execution, planning and apply Log Analytics as well as alert device, execute different sorts of Azure Automation runbooks as well as manage Azure Automation by releasing runbooks as well as scheduling their implementation.
Goals - At the end of this module, you will certainly be able to: Implement Microsoft Procedures Administration Suite (OMS), Log Analytics and also notifying mechanism, Implement Azure Automation, Implement Automation runbook, Take care of Azure Automation.

Component 10: Designing a Communication Method by Using Solution Bus
Objective - Execute the Storage space Queues solution, Service Bus Queues solution as well as Notification Centers service and also show the Service Bus Line Up, Relay as well as Solution Bus Relay. Goals - At the end of this module, you need to be able to: Understanding of Service Bus Line, Topic and also Relay. Use Azure Line up Storage space to queue data for Asynchronous handling. Identify the Solution Bus offerings as well as which ones to use in proper scenarios in between Azure Line and Solution Bus Queue. Make Use Of the Azure Service Bus Line Up or Relay to link on-premise solutions with Customer applications. Difference in between Azure Queue and also Service Bus Line Up. Practicals Covered: Service Bus using Azure Line, Service Bus Line,
Module 11: Applying Azure Active Directory Site: Goal - Preparation, carrying out and keeping an eye on Azure AD as well as integrate it with existing directory sites. Learn just how to configure Solitary Sign-On (SSO) and apply Azure AD Attach. Discover to include custom-made domains as well as configure application gain access to and solution principle.
Goals - At the end of this module, you will certainly be able to: Carry out Azure AD Link and Solitary SignOn (SSO), Setup Azure ADVERTISEMENT and include custom domains, Display Azure AD, Configure Solitary Sign-On with SaaS applications, Add Customers as well as Teams to applications.
Topics- Review of Azure Active Directory Site (AAD). Azure AD Link and Solitary Sign-On (SSO). Azure ADVERTISEMENT Configuration and also Customized Domain Names. Monitor Azure ADVERTISEMENT. Configure Application Access. Configure Solution principle. Practicals Covered: Carry Out Azure ADVERTISEMENT, Individuals and also Group production and Solitary Sign-On with existing directories, Monitor Azure ADVERTISEMENT, Configure Application Access, Use service principle.
Component 12: Managing Azure Energetic Directory as well as Implementing Azure ADVERTISEMENT B2C as well as Azure B2B
Objective: To learn exactly how to integrate an App with Azure ADVERTISEMENT. Also discover how to carry out Azure ADVERTISEMENT B2C and Azure B2B. Purposes: At the end of this module, you will have the ability to: Execute Azure ADVERTISEMENT integration in Web and also Desktop applications, Take advantage of Graph API, Produce an Azure ADVERTISEMENT B2C Directory, Implement Social Identity carrier authentication, Enable Multi-Factor Verification, Implement B2B collaboration. Topics- Incorporate an App with Azure ADVERTISEMENT. Chart API. Azure AD B2C. Multi-Factor Verification. Azure B2B cooperation. Practical to be covered: Implementation of Azure ADVERTISEMENT assimilation in your application, Take advantage of Chart API, Implement Azure AD B2C, Enable Multi-Factor Authentication, Perform Azure B2B cooperation.
Module 13: Azure Container Service (ACS) and also AKS- Goal: Planning and also implementation of Azure container service (AIR CONDITIONER) and AKS utilizing Throng, Kubernetes and DC/OS, Arrangement of ACS making use of Azure portal and ARM themes, Make use of ACS engine to configure custom-made Digital Network. Objectives: At the end of this component, you will certainly be able to: Style and also Implement Azure Container Service (ACS), Azure Container Solution-- AKS, ACS engine to create ARM design templates, implementation of internet container to access utilizing internet browser, setting up load balancer to released containers, SSH vital generation.
Topics- Summary of Azure Container Solution. Review of Azure Container Service-- AKS. SSH Secret generation. Provisioning making use of Azure Portal, ARM design templates. ACS engine use. Docker container release and setup. Tons balancer arrangement to containers. Practical to be covered: Implementation of Azure Container Solutions, SSH crucial generation, stipulation using ARM Design templates produced by AIR CONDITIONER engine, Container deployment as well as setup of lots balancer.
Module 14: Certification Prep Work - Objective: Prep Work for 70-533 Exam, Assistance. The session will certainly additionally focus on talking about the case-studies as well as sets of questions.

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